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Table 3 Analytical features of professional bureaucracy/divisionalized form and empirical evidence of the divisionalized professional bureaucracy

From: Hybrid management, organizational configuration, and medical professionalism: evidence from the establishment of a clinical directorate in Portugal

  Professional bureaucracy CD as a divisionalized professional bureaucracy Divisionalized form
Key coordinating mechanism Standardization of skills Standardization of skills and outputs Standardization of outputs
Key part of organization Operating core Middle line controlled by the operating core Middle line
Support staff Elaborated to support professionals Split between headquarters and divisions to support professionals Split between headquarters and divisions
Pressure Professionalism Balkanized professionalism Balkanization
Formalization of behaviour Little formalization High formalization High formalization
Planning and control systems Little planning and control High performance control High performance control
Flows of decision making Bottom-up Top-down (with autonomy) Top-down (with autonomy)
  1. Adapted from Mintzberg [17, 18]