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Table 5 Regression coefficients for the association between professional involvement in management (4 subscales) and hospital quality management indices QMSI

From: The involvement of medical doctors in hospital governance and implications for quality management: a quick scan in 19 and an in depth study in 7 OECD countries

  QMSIa (mi)
  b (SE)
Strategic management 3.86 (1.61)*
Administration and budgeting 1.37 (0.96)
Managing medical practice 2.57 (1.52)
Managing nursing practice 0.35 (1.12)
Professional involvement scale (total) 0.68 (0.34)*
  1. aFor each of the 4 scales of professional involvement in management, we estimated its association with QMSI using a multivariable linear regression model with random intercept by country, adjusted for confounders at hospital level (number of beds, ownership, teaching status)
  2. *Significance p < 0.05