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Table 1 Requirements for the telehealthcare service reported by LC patients and HCPs

From: Co-creation of an ICT-supported cancer rehabilitation application for resected lung cancer survivors: design and evaluation

General requirements
  General service requirements
  • Integration with existing (hospital) electronic patient records
• Flexible service to facilitate individual tailoring
• User-friendly for (elderly) patients and HCPs
• Helpdesk for ICT-related problems
Ambulant monitoring
  Monitoring of recovery, perceived symptoms and physical activity
  • High mobility to facilitate independent and home-based use by an elderly population without restricting daily activities
• Connect and disconnect sensors on patients’ demands
• Parameters: physiological, physical activity, weight, symptoms, pain medication use, experienced QoL and daily disability.
Web based exercise
  Promote physical activity and improve physical fitness pre- and post-surgery
  • Quick and easy selection of exercises and weekly program
• Minimally once face-to-face contact with healthcare professional
• Supervised and supported by healthcare professionals (from a distance)
• Individually tailored based on patient-reported difficulty of performance of exercises
Data access and representation
  Facilitate adequate data access and interpretation
  • Integration of outcome parameters to facilitate interpretation
• Summary of most relevant outcome parameters at top of page
• Data available to HCPs prior to planned consultations
• Pre-surgery measures as baseline to compare post-surgery recovery
  1. The requirements reported in this table are summarized from the interviews, focus groups and scenario evaluation