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Table 2 Summary of results

From: Opportunity costs and local health service spending decisions: a qualitative study from Wales

  Local Health Board
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Institutional frameworks for prioritisation
Framework for prioritising interventions
Interventions Not Normally Undertaken a a a
Responding to NICE TAs
Horizon scanning
NICE contingency fund
Efficiency savings
Displacements linked to individual NICE TAs
Other examples of displacement by LHB
Phasing in of NICE guidance
Savings first sought in same clinical programme
Savings first sought in medicines budget
Extra funds sought/received from Welsh Govt.
Responding to other financial shocks
Contingency fund for other shocks
Extra funds requested/received from govt.
  1. aNot referred to in interviews but found online by authors
  2. Topic was mentioned by either one or two interviewees from that LHB
  3. Topic was not referred to specifically
  4. ✘Interviewee confirmed that the practice did not occur in their LHB
  5. LHBs are labelled 1–7 and in a random order to protect anonymity