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Table 2 Phases and questions throughout the hip-OA continuum

From: Patient information and emotional needs across the hip osteoarthritis continuum: a qualitative study

Phase Key questions Typical quotes
1. Symptom debut & diagnosis Something is wrong, what is this hip pain? I had noticed this pain in my hips that persisted over a period of time. Then I told my GP about this pain, and he referred me for an X-ray (P3).
2. Symptoms increasingly interfere with physical functioning My hip really bothers me, what can I do? I haven’t taken any painkillers. I don’t want to […] I believe that if you take painkillers you’ll become worse and get more pain in the end (P5)
3. Symptoms significantly decreases quality of life I can´t stand the pain, is it time for surgery? I have to crawl up the stairs using the arms to push myself upwards (P8)
4. Orthopaedic evaluation and surgical decision-making Will a hip replacement help me with my problems? I have long been aware that I would need to replace the hip at some point, but I wanted to wait as long as possible (P3).
4a. The timing of surgery The doctor tells me that the timing is not right for me, what now? The doctor said that it (the joint) was worn out, but not enough to allow surgery. Then I just had to wait until it was bad enough (P6).
4b. In the queue I am waiting for surgery, what should I do? I have done exercises three times a week the last 3–4 months to prepare for the operation. It is important to strengthen the muscles to become best prepared for the period after surgery (P4)
4c. Not medically fit, or don’t prefer surgery What are my options if I am not receiving surgery? I have come to a point to wonder whether surgery is a wise thing to do - I’m not so happy about that either you know (P9)
5. The perioperative period What will happen at the hospital? They were very good at informing me about what to expect during the hospital stay- it was excellent information! (P10).
6. The recovery period What can I expect after having surgery? I was told that the prosthesis isn’t worth anything without the muscles- it must be rebuilt… I therefore chose to take part of all available training at the rehab centre (P12).