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Table 1 Comparison of Projected Targeted Goals of the Implementation Plan to 2011 Status

From: Barriers and facilitators related to implementation of regulated midwifery in Manitoba: a case study

Goals from original implementation plan: Integration into regional health care system, increase access to primary care for women, target priority populations: adolescent (< 20), Aboriginal, immigrant, socially isolated, poor, other (Manitoba Health, 1998).
Birthrate Status as of 2011
 Midwifery-attended births were to be at 14 % of provincial births within 2.5 years of implementation Midwifery-attended births (2009/10 data) =5 %
Number of Midwives/Vacancies/Consumer Demand
 Projected Plan: Human Resource Strategy for Midwifery Implementation (1998) projected: 2010: 38 practicing, 15 non-practicing
  Within 2.5 years of legislation there would be 50 midwives each attending 40 births = 2000 births. 2010: 45 funded
 By 2005 need: Approximately 140 practicing midwives in the province. Consumer demand: Percentage of women that sought midwifery care and were declined care in 2011:
 Originally (2000), 26 fully funded positions NOR-MAN: 40 %
Regional Health Authority Central: 55 %
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority: 70 %
Brandon: 60 %
Education programs
 Proposal for Bachelor of Midwifery Program at University of Manitoba (1999) Program was not funded
 Aboriginal Midwifery Program implemented by UCN (2006) 11 original students, no graduates, program’s conditional approval was rescinded by College of Midwives of Manitoba in 2011.
  Pathways Program implemented by UCN (2009) 12 candidates, 10 accepted into program never implemented
  University College of the North, Bachelor of Midwifery Program, southern program (2010) 11 students enrolled; 10 students graduated by 2014
Evaluation framework
 Recommended that Manitoba Health implement a Midwifery Evaluation Advisory committee Formal evaluation was completed in 2013, information has not been released
  1. Data was obtained from Human resource strategy midwifery implementation: The Manitoba scene, by Manitoba Health, 1998. & J. Erikson, personal communication, September 1, 2011