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Table 7 Subthemes with illustrative quotes from the format theme

From: What do patients and the public know about clinical practice guidelines and what do they want from them? A qualitative study

Subtheme Illustrative quote Participant & group number
Layering I’d quite like a guideline that was on the internet and it had, if you wanted more information “click here” right and you could then progress…depending on how much information you wanted. P3, G1
Text and tables …not too many words close together. People will look at it and think ‘oh I don’t want to read that’ like seeing a massive text and it’s too much.” P2, G6
Images and colour …like a caricature, like sort of pointing to the throat or something like a, a man with a…you know so we know what we’re talking about… P6, G5
Multiple formats …they should be in a variety of formats, apps, internet so that anyone can source them… P2, G4