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Table 6 Subthemes with illustrative quotes from the presenting evidence theme

From: What do patients and the public know about clinical practice guidelines and what do they want from them? A qualitative study

Subtheme Illustrative quote Participant & group number
Numbers …in numbers rather than percentages … so if this many people do this, then…this many people benefit, but…this many people may have a serious side-effects… P8, G7
Charts …I personally will look at graphs and, and, and pie charts and things, but if I saw…this [Prostate cancer screening graphic] I, I just would’nae …I’d just scoot, scoot over it” P5, G5
Costs and cost effectiveness I don’t think you need that information [on cost-effectiveness] because …that’s down to the, the NHS…it’s not down to the patient. Interview 4
Levels of evidence & recommendations I wouldn’t want to hear it [a recommendation] was weak…I would take it with a pinch of salt if it’s based on weak evidence and actually I would think what are they doing producing a recommendation if it’s not strongly endorsed. P3, G3
Anecdotal evidence “I joined self-help groups, I think they’ve been helpful to me but there’s no research evidence to say how effective they are whereas there’s medication and talking therapies which are quite reasonably researched, you can see the evidence for them. Other things can be just quite as helpful. P7, G4
Symbols “What the wee ones wi’ the plus in them?…because what is that for? P10, G8