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Table 5 Subthemes with illustrative quotes from the properties of guidelines

From: What do patients and the public know about clinical practice guidelines and what do they want from them? A qualitative study

Subtheme Illustrative quote Participant & group number
Language and tone “…there was a lot of medical jargon…I know from experience and you know congratulations for producing this booklet [SIGN patient guideline] but patient themselves cannot all read it… P2, G4
Meaningfulness There’s no point in teaching somebody, or getting somebody to look at how the guidelines are produced when they’re actually wanting to find out ”What Is Obesity"? Interview 1
Trustworthiness and credibility …it gives it more weight if it’s based on a guideline…because you assume…even…if you don’t understand exactly what a “guideline” means…that it’s based on some evidence from somewhere that this is a good thing to do, someone’s looked at some evidence and made a guideline… P4, G1
Guidelines as restrictors of access to treatment …CBT is the one that doctors know about but it’s not the only solution, and I think that this idea that because there is evidence then you’ve got to refer people to CBT, I think it’s really really dangerous… P1, G4