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Table 4 Recommendations and Implications for Implementation of a Population Health Study: Learnings from LINKIN

From: Translating a health service intervention into a rural setting: lessons learned

• Policy makers and funders in the local community should be kept very heavily and actively engaged throughout the project.
• Both researchers and stakeholders need to be aware of each other’s priorities in implementing the Co-KT framework.
• Timelines need to be flexible and account for local community issues, such as access problems to local health services.
• Researchers need to have all organisational levels of a stakeholder engaged, not just the on-the-ground staff and the high management staff. Prior assessment of the Organisational Readiness to Change would facilitate this knowledge.
• Inter-professional education will help to promote networking amongst healthcare providers.
• The intervention should focus not only on those participants who are engaged with the health care system, but also on participants who are not yet engaged.
• Medical support should be coupled with psychosocial support for people with musculoskeletal problems, and these support services should be integrated.