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Table 3 Maternal health services across PRIME districts

From: Maternal mental health in primary care in five low- and middle-income countries: a situational analysis

  Ethiopia India Nepal South Africa Uganda
Level of integration of maternal health services with general health services ANC & PNC integrated in PHC; usually a separate antenatal clinic, run by midwife when present, otherwise by nursing staff Integrated, provided at both primary and community health centres; facility within centres for examination and safe delivery Antenatal care, delivery and postnatal services are major services provided within the PHC centres and health posts ANC & PNC at all clinics with referral systems to general health care; deliveries at district level & some community health centres Maternity units, run by midwives, are within primary health centre compound, but separate from general health clinics
Attendance for at least one antenatal care (ANC) visit 42.5 % [72]c 79.5 % [128]d 84.8 % [75]c 95.9 % [73]d 92.7 % [129]d
At least four ANC visits 19.1 % [72]c 40.7 % have at least 3 ANC visits [128]d 50.1 % [75]c Average 3.5 visits [73]d 47.9 % [129]d
Average gestation at first ANC visit 5.2 months [72]c 3.8 months [128]c 3.7 months [75]c 40.2 % attend before 20 weeks gestation [130]c 5.1 months [131]c
Delivery in health facility 5.6 % [72]d 26.2 % [128]d 35.3 % [75]c 84.6 % [73]c 86.8 % [129]; 34 % [132]a
Attendance of postnatal care (PNC) 5.5 % within 2 days [72]d 28.5 % within 2 days [128]d 44.5 % within 2 days [75]c 52.5 % within 6 days [73]c 35.5 % within 2 days [131]d
Location of postnatal care Health centres Hospitals, primary and community health centres; also provided during home visits District hospital, primary health clinics, health posts and sub-health posts; home visits also performed Mostly health-facilities; Limited home visits by CHW for immunization, nutrition and general health information Health facility
Staff involved in delivery of antenatal care Health centre: midwives, health officers and trained nurses; Health posts: health extension workers (HEWs) Health facility: medical officer, auxiliary nurse midwives (ANM) & ASHAb; Community: community health workers (CHW) Health facilities: doctors, nurses and ANM; Community: female community health volunteers (FCHV) Doctor (at least one visit), nurses and midwives Doctors, midwives, nursing assistants
Staff involved in delivery of postnatal care Health centre: nurses;
Health posts and community: HEWs
Health facility: medical officer, auxiliary nurse midwives and ASHAb; Community: CHW Health facilities: doctors, nurses and ANM; Community: FCHV Nurses Health facilities: doctors, nurses and midwife; community: traditional birth attendant [131]d
  1. aData from a different district, but same region as PRIME district; b Accredited Social Health Activists: community health workers instituted by the government of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) as part of the National Rural Health Mission; cNational data; dRegional data