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Table 2 Maternal mental health services across PRIME districts

From: Maternal mental health in primary care in five low- and middle-income countries: a situational analysis

  Ethiopia India Nepal South Africa Uganda
Organisational context for maternal mental health (MMH) care
National mental health policy which includes MMH Yes Yes No Yes Yes
National mental health plan which includes MMH Plan under development, and will include maternal mental health No mental health plan No mental health plan Yes [69] No mental health plan
Maternal mental health services
Dedicated MMH service No No No No No
Existing MMH care No, referral to outpatient psychiatric unit (30 km away) or inpatient care (100 km away) No, referral to mental health professionals posted at district mental health program or at tertiary care centre No, mental health services available in the district hospital from the general psychiatrist unit No, referral to PHC psychologists and psychiatrist; mental health services available at district hospitals No, referral to regional hospital (64 km away)
Prescribing guidelines for psychotropic medication for pregnant & breastfeeding women No No No No No
Proportion of perinatal women with disorder in contact with services
Antenatal depression Unknown (low) Unknown Unknown (low) Unknown Unknown
Postnatal depression Unknown (low) Unknown Unknown (low) Unknown Unknown
Puerperal psychosis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown