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Table 2 Analysis of variance (ANOVA). Mean values of perceived importance – differences between group means

From: A marketing perspective to “delight” the “patient 2.0”: new and challenging expectations for the healthcare provider

  Discriminating factor
Mhealth apps Age:
People aged 18-25: 6 Vs. Over 65: 4.80
Education level:
Higher: 5.9 Vs. Lower: 4.6
Social network users:
Users: 5.83 Vs. Non Users: 4.85
Communication 2.0 (email) Social network users:
Users: 5.5 Vs. Non Users: 4.6
Online health communities Online health communities:
Female: 5.51 Vs. Male: 4.80
Hospital on social media Hospital on social media:
Users: 4.58 Vs. Non Users: 3.89