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Table 1 Study characteristics of included articles

From: Capturing patients’ needs in casemix: a systematic literature review on the value of adding functioning information in reimbursement systems

    (n = 10)
A) Publication year  
  a1 1991–2000 3
  a2 2001–2010 7
B) Country  
  b1 Asia 1
  b2 Europe 4
  b3 North America 5
C) Study design  
  c1 Prospective study 5
  c2 Retrospective study 4
  c3 Cross sectional study 1
D) Mean/Median agea  
  d1 <65 yrs. 3
  d2 66–80 yrs. 3b
  d3 >80 yrs. 4
  1. aIf not indicated by the authors, means were estimated based on age distribution presented in the article
  2. bOne out of five DRGs had a mean age above 80 yrs