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Table 2 Sample survey items from studies of intellectual capital (IC) in healthcare

From: Intellectual capital in the healthcare sector: a systematic review and critique of the literature

Type of IC Dimension Survey Item Source
Human Employee competence My hospital is excellent in terms of medical & administrative personnel’s know-how Wu & Hu, 2012 [26]
  Employee development The centre devotes resources & effort to update & develop employee knowledge & skills Lin et al., 2013 [54]
Structural Culture My hospital has a supportive culture that allows medical & administrative personnel to try things Wu & Hu, 2012 [26]
  Access to information Our hospital has a full range of handbooks & a complete knowledge management system for employees’ easy reference Yang & Lin, 2009 [23]
  Information technology (IT) My hospital has superior IT infrastructure to support hospital strategies Wu & Hu, 2012 [26]
  External environment My hospital possesses precise knowledge of competitor orientation Wu & Hu, 2012 [26]
  Internal processes Our hospital has an effective management process Yang & Lin, 2009 [23]
Relational Patient-centered The centre prides itself on being patient-oriented Lin et al., 2013 [54]
  Patient loyalty Patients are highly loyal to the centre Lin et al., 2013 [54]
  Partnerships Employees have close interactions with partners Lin et al., 2013 [54]
  Internal relations Employees trust each other with open communication Yang & Lin, 2009 [23]