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Table 2 Search terms and search string

From: Context, mechanisms and outcomes of integrated care for diabetes mellitus type 2: a systematic review

# Group Search terms
#1 Diabetes Diabetes OR DMT2
#2 Integrated Care Integrated care OR disease management OR disease state management OR comprehensive healthcare OR complex interventions OR multifactorial lifestyle interventions OR shared care OR chronic care model OR care transition OR transitional care OR intermediate care OR case management
#3 Chronic Care Model – Self-management support Self-management support OR self-care OR self-management OR patient-centeredness OR patient-centred care OR behavioural support OR motivational support
#4 Chronic Care Model – Delivery system design Delivery system design OR care pathway OR critical pathway OR individualised care plan OR clinical case management services OR medicines management OR co-morbidities management OR health literacy OR cultural sensibility OR practice nurse counselling OR team-based care provision
#5 Chronic Care Model – Decision support Decision support OR clinician reminders OR patient reminders OR provider education OR reminder systems OR specialty expertise integration OR individualised care plans
#6 Chronic Care Model – Clinical information system Clinical information system OR clinical registry OR population information database OR shared information system OR health information systems OR health information technology OR electronic registry OR clinical reminder OR patient reminder or clinician reminder OR provider feedback OR performance monitoring OR ICT devices OR patient portal OR telemonitoring OR telehealth OR teleassistance OR telehomecare OR videoconferencing OR mobile phone OR electronic health record OR patient-held record
#7 Implementation Implementation
#8 Complete search string Diabetes AND ((integrated care OR (self-management support AND delivery system design) OR (self-management support AND decision support) OR (self-management support AND clinical information system) OR (delivery system design AND decision support) OR (delivery system design AND clinical information system) OR (decision support AND clinical information system)) AND implementation
#1 AND ((#2 OR (#3 AND #4) OR ((#3 AND #5) OR ((#3 AND #6) OR (#4 AND #5) OR (#4 AND #6) OR (#5 AND #6)) AND #7