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Table 1 Operationalisation of the four CCM components adapted from Busetto et al. 2014

From: Context, mechanisms and outcomes of integrated care for diabetes mellitus type 2: a systematic review

CCM component CCM sub-components
Self-management support Information provision
Patient education – general
Patient education – disease education
Patient education – self-management education
Provision of self-management tools
Patient centeredness / involvement
Behavioural / motivational support
Delivery system design Team-based care provision
Structured care
Individualised care
Shared care
Medicines management
Case management
Advanced access to health care
Nurse-led care
Health literacy
Cultural sensibility
Decision support Evidence-based guidelines
Provider education
Specialist expertise
Non-automated performance monitoring
Identification of barriers to care
Non-automated reminders
Clinical information system Patient reminder system
Provider reminder system
Patient registry
Disease registry
Automated performance monitoring
Electronic medical record
ICT devices