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Table 2 Other medical costs considered in the model

From: Ranolazine for the symptomatic treatment of patients with chronic angina pectoris in Greece: a cost-utility study

Medical cost for 6-month period
Angina frequency Hospitalization cost (€)a Outpatient visits cost (€)b Cost of laboratory tests (€)c Cost of diagnostic tests (€)c
Minimal 226.67 7 7.93 40.72
Mild 453.33 9.17 9.41 64.55
Moderate 566.67 19.33 21.78 97.02
Severe 2450.83 31.33 40.29 123.79
  1. aOfficial source: Based in local expert’s opinion and DRG such as K36X (€ 340) and K36M (€ 865) , DRG cost were obtained from FEK 9468/27-3-12
  2. bOfficial source: This cost was obtained by combining of the resources (average of number of visits and % of patients), as they provided by the local expert’s opinion with the corresponding unit costs obtained from government gazette (FEK A’262/16-12-2011)
  3. cOfficial source: The cost assigned was calculated based on resources used such as average of number of tests and % of patients). These resources were obtained from the local expert’s opinion and these resources were combined with the related unit costs obtained from official site of EOPYY