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Table 1 Overview of variables in the questionnaire

From: Feasibility of using self-reported patient data in a national diabetes register

Basic data Diabetes duration (years), height, weight, HbA1c, type of diabetes (type I/II), family history of diabetes, family history of premature coronary heart disease, participation in educational course for type 2 diabetes, ethnicity (white/African/Asian/other)
Health habits Smoking habits (current smoker, ex-smoker for more than three months, never smoked), physical activity (at least 30 minutes of brisk walking or similar activity once a week ), self-monitoring of blood glucose at least once a week
Eye- and foot examination Date of examination by an eye specialist (month/year), date of foot examination (not further specified) by a doctor (month/year)
Treatment Insulin including insulin device, other antidiabetic therapy, antithrombotic therapy, lipid lowering therapy, antihypertensive therapy
Complications Coronary heart disease, laser treated retinopathy, stroke, foot ulcer, arterial lower limb surgery, severe hypoglycemia (i.e. in need of assistance), amputation