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Table 1 Variables used in analyses

From: Exploring physiotherapists’ personality traits that may influence treatment outcome in patients with chronic diseases: a cohort study

Patient level    Therapist level   
Gender Female Categorical Gender Female Categorical
(Female = 0)a Male (Female = 0)a Male
Age Years Continuous Age 31–45 years Categorical
    (31–45 years = 0)a 46–59 years  
     60–75 years  
Reoccurrence No Categorical Life event No Categorical
(No = 0)a Yes   (No = 0)a Yes  
Education Low Categorical Extraversion Scale 1–5 Continuous
(Low = 0)a Middle   Openness to experiences Scale 1–5  
  High   Neuroticism Scale 1–5  
  Other   Agreeableness Scale 1–5  
    Conscientiousness Scale 1–5  
Course of complaints -10 − 10 Continuous    
  1. aReference value for dummies of ordinal or categorical variables
  2. Low Primary School, Medium Secondary- or higher education, High University, Other not specified, yrs. Years