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Table 5 Selected quotes- common responses for the one thing that could be done to improve the Evidence-Based Public Health training (N = 99)

From: Evaluating a train-the-trainer approach for improving capacity for evidence-based decision making in public health

Theme Selected quotes
More hands-on exercises • More hands-on and situational work applicable to programs, less lecture.
• More in-depth case studies; more class participation activities.
• More small group interaction/real-life application throughout each segment of the training would be helpful.
Provide follow-up trainings as way to refresh • Maybe offer continuing or follow-up training to keep us fresh.
• More follow up…possibly a meeting six months after.
• Refresher courses one time per year where each participant could perhaps bring an example to present to others.
• Please provide follow-up trainings for alumni.
Time (shorter or longer) spent on specific modules • Perhaps by spending a little less time on Module 4 (developing a concise statement), more time can be spent on economic evaluation.
• The most challenging concept to grasp for most of our class was the economic assessment/evaluation piece and we did not seem to have enough time devoted to it. I know most public health staff do not get the opportunity to utilize or incorporate this knowledge into their work, especially since most positions are categorically funded. But this is an area I wish I could have spent more time as it is becoming more and more relevant to my work.
• Cost-benefit section needs to be on its own. Perhaps allow individuals a day (or so) to work on that type of information when applying it to programs.
Ways to make content easier to digest • Maybe breaking the information into chunks. It was a lot of information to absorb in two days.
• Spread out content over time so there are manageable chunks to apply in practice.
More practice examples • Tips on how to use EBPH when we are often unable to change any part of our contract work - we often have little program flexibility.
• Bring in those that have implemented it into a project and speak about the project and changes that were made.
• Possibly more real life examples of how programs and various job positions can incorporate it in their work.