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Table 3 Cost of tests in rural and urban, private peripheral labs (LT #4-9, 12,17, PP#2)

From: Point-of-care testing in India: missed opportunities to realize the true potential of point-of-care testing programs

Name of test Cost
Glucometer Rs40 (USD0.65)
Blood grouping Rs45 (USD75)
Urine test Rs50 (USD0.85)
Typhoid slide (Widal) Rs50 (USD0.85)
Haemoglobin Rs50 (USD0.85)
FBS, PPBS blood sugar (manual) Rs60 (Rs25) (USD1, USD0.40)
Platelet Rs80-Rs150 (USD1.35-USD2.50)
Albumin Rs100 (USD1.65)
Urine pregnancy test Rs100 (USD1.65)
Malaria smear Rs100 (USD1.65)
Smear for acid fast bacilli (TB) Rs100 (USD1.65)
Mantoux Rs100 (USD1.65)
VDRL (syphilis) Rs100 (USD1.65)
Sputum Rs120 (USD2)
HbsAG card (hepatitis) Rs120 (USD2)
Coombs test (HIV) Rs150 (USD2.50)
HIV rapid (Tridot) Rs200 (USD3.30)
Complete blood count (CBC) Rs250 (USD4.15)
Typhoid tube Rs250 (USD4.15)
Malaria card Rs300 (USD5)
Blood/Urine/pus Culture & sensitivity Rs250 to Rs350 (USD4.15-USD5.85)
HIV 1 & 2 (serology) RS350 (USD5.85)
Thyroid hormone assays Rs350 (USD5.85)
Fever profile Rs400 (USD6.65)
Lipid profile Rs400 (USD6.65)
Renal profile Rs600 (USD10)
TB Rs650 (USD10.85) (X-ray: Rs200 (USD3.35); CBC: Rs250 (USD4.15); Sputum: Rs100 (USD1.65); Mantoux: Rs100 (USD1.65))
Dengue NS1 card test Rs750 (USD12.50)
Ante-natal profile (haemoglobin, random blood sugar, HBsAG, VDRL, HIV, urine routine, blood grouping) Rs750 (USD12.50)
TB serology Rs900 (USD15)
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Rs1500 (USD25)
Fertility related hormone assays Rs15,000 (USD249.75)