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Table 2 Core components. Core components of the health promotion programmes

From: Health promotion programme design and efficacy in relation to ageing persons with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis

Author, year [reference] Activity Cultural and linguistic modifications A person-centred approach Health information Professional provision
Borschmann et al. 2010 [30] Physical activities Yes Yes No Yes
Clark et al. 1997 [23]
Clark et al. 2001 [24]
Clark et al. 2012 [26]
Meaningful activities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jackson et al. 2000 [25] Meaningful activities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reijneveld et al. 2003 [27] Physical activities Yes No Yes No
Resnik et al. 2002 [28] Physical activities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sawchuck et al. 2008 [29] Physical activities No No Yes No