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Table 1 Summary of included systematic reviews and meta-analyses

From: The impact of self-monitoring in chronic illness on healthcare utilisation: a systematic review of reviews

Condition No. of reviews No. of primary research studies Intervention Healthcare utilization measure (s) Monitored data Purpose of self-monitoring CCAa
Hypertension 2 26 Telemonitoring GP attendance Blood pressure To increase adherence to hypertensive medication, reduce clinical inertia and provide information about the efficacy of treatment in order to alter medication dosage. 15.38 %
COPD 2 15 Action planning & telehealthcare Hospitalisation, ER visits, GP attendance, discharge to higher levels of care. Symptoms PEF is measured and recorded daily in order to adjustment medication. 0 %
Heart failure 13 160 Telemonitoring Hospitalisation, readmission rates, length of stay, ER visits, home visits, outpatient visits, Symptoms, weight Frequent monitoring will allow for early signs and symptoms of decline. 6.67 %
  1. aCCA Corrected cover area, bINR International normalized ratio