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Table 1 NMWWP definitions of acuity [17]

From: Reducing the length of postnatal hospital stay: implications for cost and quality of care

Acuity Example/ descriptors of mother and baby condition Care required
0 Healthy term baby (37–42 weeks of pregnancy) with no risk factors. E.g. normal birth, mother’s age 16–40, BMI 18–35, number of previous births <5, requires routine care, mother able to care for baby independently Routine
1a Some obstetric or neonatal medical risks. E.g. urinary tract infection, diabetes, minor haemorrhage, BMI <18 or >35, low neonate temperature or slow feeding Some increase in care.
1b Some social risks. e.g. mother leaving ‘looked after’ services, smoker, criminal justice activity not related to child protection. Some increase in care.
2 Medical or social risk factors requiring further intervention e.g. post caesarean section day 1 and 2, low birth weight <2.5 kg, child protection concerns. Additional care often involving liaison with other services.
3 All mothers during labour and 2 hr after delivery. Mother who have experienced major obstetric complications e.g. haemorrhage. Puerperal psychosis, bereaved mothers. Continuous one to one care.