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Table 5 Main activities for action research by site

From: Implementing solutions to improve and expand telehealth adoption: participatory action research in four community healthcare settings

Type of Activity Site A Site B Site C Site D
1. Establishing a telehealth pathway  
e.g. establishing clear referral criteria and process; considering options for effective discharge
2. Improving patient assessment and review  
e.g. reviewing current caseload of patients to establish goals for use and examine telehealth activity
3. Improving service delivery  
e.g. improving monitoring and triage of telehealth patients; establishing new roles for telehealth work  
4. Improving data sharing and access  
e.g. opening up data channels, improving electronic patient record systems  
5. Raising awareness of telehealth  
e.g. staff training and information sessions, championing, events to promote telehealth service
6. Improving evaluation of telehealth  
e.g. capturing telehealth activity on patient record system, identifying and agreeing outcomes to measure   
7. Securing financial investment for telehealth  
e.g. working with commissioners and industry, scoping out equipment needs for a future sustainable service