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Table 1 Study site characteristics

From: Implementing solutions to improve and expand telehealth adoption: participatory action research in four community healthcare settings

Research site identifier Site A Site B Site C Site D
Telehealth deployment
Year of introduction 2007 2009 2006 2010
Equipment purchased (P) or leased (L) P P L P
No. of telehealth units available for usea 165 79 n/a 40
No. of telehealth units in useb 104 39 200 34
Referral routes into telehealth
Community matrons
Case managers   
Specialist respiratory nurses  
Specialist heart failure nurses  
Telehealth stakeholders
NHS community healthcare provider  
NHS hospital trust   
Clinical commissioning group    
Equipment manufacturer
Local authority  
Community interest company    
Private company    
  1. aEstimates from case study data
  2. bAt end of data collection period in phase one