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Table 1 Characteristics of data sources

From: An organizational perspective on the long-term sustainability of a nursing best practice guidelines program: a case study

Organizational key informants (N = 14)
Current job title n = 1 Director of Nursing
n = 4 Assistant Directors of Nursing
n = 5 Nursing Practice Consultants
n = 3 Clinical Nurse Specialists
n = 1 Nurse Educator
Highest level of education (degree) 12 Masters, 2 Doctoral
Age (yrs) 2 30s, 2 40s, 7 50s, 3 60s
Average time in profession (yrs) 31 (12–46)
Average time in organization (yrs) 19 (8–33)
Average time in current job (yrs) 6.4 (0.5–15)
Average time of interview (mins) 93 (75–120)
Documents (N = > 350)
 • Examples: program implementation plans, educational manuals, policy and procedures guides, meeting minutes, website publications, internal and external communications (i.e., letters, emails), presentations, administrative data summaries, reports, funding applications, job descriptions
Observations and Exchanges (N = > 40)
 • Attendance at nursing department conferences, workshop days, and administrative meetings
 • Participation in informal interactions and meetings with a variety of health centre stakeholders (e.g., executive to frontline staff, patients/families, and volunteers)