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Table 4 Technical – Clinicians and Administrators from the Telehealth Centre (n = 10) and the remote sites (n = 8)

From: Establishing a centralised telehealth service increases telehealth activity at a tertiary hospital

Question Clinicians and Administrators
Telehealth Remote
I was able to operate the videoconference equipment with ease 10 (100 %) 8 (100 %)
I found the case preparation material provided by the regional clinician (referring the patient) to be very useful 6 (60 %) N/A
I found the advice and support provided by the clinicians at the PAH to be very useful N/A 8 (100 %)
I found the technical and administrative support provided through the PAH Telehealth Centre to be very useful 10 (100 %) 4.3 (75 %)
I could carry out all standard activities required for the assessments during the videoconference 8 (80 %) N/A