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Table 2 Medical specialties providing telehealth services at the Princess Alexandra Hospital

From: Establishing a centralised telehealth service increases telehealth activity at a tertiary hospital

  2011–2012 (before implementation) 2012–2013 (year one after implementation) 2013–2014 (year two after implementation)
Medical specialties served by PAH-TC   Dermatology* Dermatology
  Endocrinology Endocrinology
  Geriatric Geriatric
  Haematology* Haematology
  Orthopaedics Orthopaedics
   Spinal injury*
Medical specialties that were served both by PAH-TC and outside PAH-TC   Cardiology Cardiology
  Clinical Pharmacy* Mental health*
Medical specialties that were served exclusively outside PAH-TC Cardiology Community Health Services* Aboriginal Health Clinic*
Endocrinology Ear Nose and Throat Surgery* Clinical Measurement
Gastro-Hepatology Gastroenterology Clinical Pharmacy
Geriatrics General Medicine* Cognition and Memory*
Orthopaedics Genetics* Community Health Services
  Gynaecology* Ear Nose and Throat Surgery
  Hydrotherapy* Gastroenterology
  Infectious Diseases* General Medicine
  Neurology* General Surgery*
  Nutrition* Genetics
  Oncology* Gynaecology
  Pre-Admission and Pre-Anaesthesia* Hydrotherapy
  Respiratory* Infectious Diseases
  Social Work* Nephrology*
  Speech pathology* Neurology
   Occupational Therapy*
   Pain Management*
   Pre-Admission and Pre-Anaesthesia
   Social Work
   Vascular Surgery*
  1. *New specialty care served via telehealth.
  2. PAH-TC Princess Alexandra Hospital - Telehealth Centre