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Table 2 Assessment of success and sustainability

From: Development, implementation and evaluation of an evidence-based program for introduction of new health technologies and clinical practices in a local healthcare setting

Success Met a
 A proposal is more likely to be successful if it meets the following criteria
Based on sound evidence or expert consensus
 ▪ There is no clear evidence or recognised experts in the area of organisational decision-making for introduction of new TCPs
 ▪ However there is general consensus between the guidance documents and the local needs analysis, and no area of disagreement  
Presented by credible organisation DM, ?App
 ▪ National and state governments and a national professional body are seen as credible in this context by the decision-makers  
 ▪ It is not known if all applicants will consider them credible as clinicians often see bureaucracy as intrusive and unnecessary
Able to be tested and adapted
 ▪ A formal pilot will be implemented and evaluated during the state health department funding round for new TCPs
 ▪ The whole program will be implemented in ‘pilot mode’, ongoing feedback will be sought and encouraged for the first 2 years  
 ▪ The project team will adapt the systems, processes and resources based on the stakeholder feedback
Relative advantage is evident DM, ?App
 ▪ The decision-makers value the benefits in improvements to transparency, accountability and use of evidence  
 ▪ It is not known if all applicants will consider the changes to be an advantage over the previous system  
Low complexity
 ▪ The process for introduction of new TCPs is complex and requires time, skills and expertise from the applicants
 ▪ The project team have made the application form as user-friendly as possible but it is still detailed and complicated
Compatible with status quo
 ▪ There are significant changes for both decision-makers and applicants
 ▪ However the changes make the new process very similar to Human Research and Ethics Committee applications
Attractive and accessible format ╳,
 ▪ The application form has been made as user-friendly as possible but is unlikely to be considered attractive  
 ▪ Accessibility has been improved by creating a website as a single point of access for all information, documents and resources  
 A proposal is more likely to be sustainable if it has appropriate and adequate provision in each category
 ▪ The Technology/Clinical Practice Committee (TCPC) is an appropriate body to manage this process
 ▪ Reporting to the Executive Management Team demonstrates that the process has a high priority within the organisation
 ▪ The roles of Chair, Executive Officer and Administrative Officer address all aspects of managing the process
 ▪ There is appropriate representation on the TCPC
 ▪ Members of the TCPC have skills in clinical practice, management, health service operations and finance, ethical and legal issues and evidence-based decision-making
 ▪ The Executive Officer and Administrative Officer have skills in managing and administering complex processes
 ▪ Staff with skills in finding, appraising and synthesising evidence; coding; analysing health service data; credentialing; business and finance; and infrastructure and equipment needs are available to assist applicants  
 ▪ Website holds all information centrally
 ▪ Expertise is provided as noted above
 ▪ Online guidance to completing the evidence components of the application is provided
 ▪ Templates are provided to assist applicants and to ensure processes and documents are consistent and of high quality
 ▪ Adequate funding has been provided for the TCPC Secretariat to manage all seven components of the TCP Program
 ▪ The health service has demonstrated commitment by making this process an organisational priority
 ▪ The Executive Director of Medical Services and Quality and Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery are both on the TCPC
 ▪ All Program/Division Medical Directors, Executive Director of Nursing and General Manager of Allied Health are supportive
 ▪ Members of the previous committee demonstrated leadership in striving to improve the process
 ▪ The TCPC is seeking to be a leader in introduction of TCPs by establishing a transparent, accountable, evidence-based process
 ▪ The Centre for Clinical Effectiveness is a leader in enabling evidence-based decision-making
  1. DM Decision-makers, App Applicants
  2. a = Criterion met completely, = Criterion met partially, ╳ = Criterion not met, ? = Not known