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Table 1 Essential contexts indicators of selected study health zones

From: Social accountability for maternal health services in Muanda and Bolenge Health Zones, Democratic Republic of Congo: a situation analysis

Indicators Muanda Bolenge
Population 137,178 79,648
Number of health centers 9 15
Number of referral health facilities 2 1
Health facility attendance rate (%) 43.8 46.5
Antenatal health care attendance rate 98.0 91.3
Proportion of pregnant women with more 4 visits and more 46.2 40.2
Health providers’ attendance at birth rate (%) 95.1 78.4
Main population occupations Agriculture Agriculture
Fishery Fishery
Small trade Small trade
Oil Firm employment
Population composition Bantu ethnic groups Bantu ethnic groups Pygmies
Existence of basic services   
 Safe water supply Yes No
 Electric power supply Yes No