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Table 1 Nursing home’s corporate culture: Overview of categories and subcategories

From: Understanding organizational and cultural premises for quality of care in nursing homes: an ethnographic study

Conformity: ‘Every nursing home is like all other nursing homes’ Trait: ‘Every nursing home is like some other nursing homes’ (typologies) Distinctiveness: ‘Every nursing home is like no other nursing home’
Standardized basic care Residency oriented
– All residents’ rooms are similar
– Group orientation
– Little privacy
–Institutional environment
Medical oriented
–Emphasize physical care
– Problem orientation
– Professional nursing care
– Large wards
Safeguard oriented
– Integrated into the local society
– Individualized care
–Emphasis on environment similar to residents’ own homes
Family oriented
– Flexible routines
– Residents treated as family members
– Individual orientation
Unique management
Similar staffing
24-hour service for older residents >65 years Size of ward
Professional communication
Standardized environment
Similar organization of care
Learning organization
Common activities offered
Flexible organization