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Table 1 Roles and responsibilities of different providers

From: Exploring providers’ perspectives of a community based TB approach in Southern Ethiopia: implication for community based approaches

Cadre Job description Role specific to TB REACH What attracted them to their overall role
HEW Trained for 1 year, salaried members of formal health system; range of duties across 16 health packages Collecting sputum, producing smears, supporting patient treatment seeking journey I was motivated to serve the community’; preventing disease amongst their own communities, supporting their families (financially), employment, inspiration from other HEWs, starting a career in the health sector
CHP Unpaid volunteers, selected by communities with a play a support role to HEW across the 16 packages Supporting HEW in the above, identifying possible TB cases the community chose me’; ‘I know the community health problem and I accepted willingly to serve community’
District supervisors A new cadre specific to TB REACH New cadre specific to TB REACH; duties include supervising HEW and ensuring smooth running of the project in their district. Wanting to go ‘deeper into the TB problem’, ‘to help people’, to ‘see people be cured’, ‘to bring about change’, Professional development, status and promotion were also important contributory factors.
Laboratory technicians Existing staff performing routine laboratory tests, working in health facilities. Processing additional smears prepared by HEWs in addition to smears prepared in the laboratories. Serving communities, status of ‘the white coat’, interest in health and science; Serving society through the pledge they have undertaken