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Table 7 The final multivariable linear regression model for the predictive value of the independent variables at baseline, and progress in MS disability, on the use of hospital inpatient care during the 10-year period in people with MS (n = 121)

From: A 10-year population-based study of people with multiple sclerosis in Stockholm, Sweden: use of and satisfaction with care and the value of different factors in predicting use of care

Independent variable Categorisation of the independent variable B 95 % CI Beta p value
Coping capacity Weak 167.51 12.64 to 535.18 0.19 0.03
Moderate/strong reference
Manual dexterity Impaired 233.01 82.58 to 507.30 0.36 <0.001
Not impaired reference
Personal activities of daily living Dependent 126.60 20.80 to 324.61 0.24 0.01
Independent reference
Progress in MS disability >1 point change 145.22 39.38 to 331.89 0.27 0.002
≤1 point change reference
  1. Adjusted coefficient of determination = 0.280