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Table 1 Independent variables used in the linear regression analyses, variables and instruments used for data collection, and categorisation of the variables

From: A 10-year population-based study of people with multiple sclerosis in Stockholm, Sweden: use of and satisfaction with care and the value of different factors in predicting use of care

Variables and instruments Categorisation
Age Continuous
Sex Female/Male
Coping capacity:  
Sense of Coherence Scale [30] Continuous or
Weak: 13–54 points/Moderate to Strong: 55–91 points [31]
Interview Primary or lower secondary level/High School or University
Degree of MS disabilitya:  
Expanded Disability Status Scale [18] Mild: 0–3.5/Moderate: 4.0–5.5/Severe: 6.0–9.5
Type of MSb Relapsing/remitting MS/Progressive MS
Time since MS diagnosisc Continuous
Immunomodulatory treatmentc Yes/No
Beck Depression Inventory II [32] No depressive symptoms: <13/Depressive symptoms: ≥13 [28]
Cognitive function:  
Symbol Digit Modalities Test [33]d Age-related norms, written or oral reply. No impairment: < −1.5 SD from the mean/Impairment: ≥ −1.5 SD from the mean [33]
Manual dexterity:  
Nine Hole Peg Test [34]e No impairment: ≥0.5 pegs/sec/Impairment: <0.5 pegs/sec [33]
Walking ability Walk without aid/Walk with aid/Cannot walk
Personal activities of daily living:  
Barthel Index [35] Independent: 100 points/Dependent: < 100 points
Personal and instrumental activities of daily living:  
Katz Extended ADL Index [36] Independent: 20 points/Dependent: < 20 points
Frequency of social/lifestyle activities:  
Frenchay activities index [37] Age-, sex-related norms. No impairment: >25th percentile/Impairment: < 25th percentile [38]
Progress in MS disability:  
Expanded Disability Status Scale No change: ≤1 points change/Change: >1 points change
  1. aAssessed by the data collectors and verified by a senior neurologist
  2. bProgressive MS includes those with either primary progressive MS or secondary progressive MS
  3. cData was collected through medical records
  4. dPrimarily conducted with written response, for those PwMS unable to write the test was administrated orally
  5. eFor the right hand