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Table 3 Cost of illness (direct costs) attributed to diabetic foot (2012 US dollars)

From: The cost of illness attributable to diabetic foot and cost-effectiveness of secondary prevention in Peru

Description All strategies Sub-optimal care Standard care Standard care plus temperature monitoring
Prevention strategy
Cost per person    US$65   US$185   US$406
Total people    206,298   206,298   206,298
Total cost of prevention    US$13,350,763   US$38,129,966   US$83,849,832
Complications Cost/person No. of people Total cost No. of people Total cost No. of people Total cost
Healing with debridement US$1,022 5416 US$5,535,166 2979 US$3,044,341 1148 US$1,172,820
Healing with major amputation US$7,360 3658 US$26,921,264 2012 US$14,806,695 775 US$5,704,219
Healing with minor amputation US$5,153 2897 US$14,930,136 1594 US$8,211,575 614 US$3,163,476
Death with major amputation US$7,360 981 US$7,216,590 539 US$3,969,125 208 US$1,529,089
Death with minor amputation US$5,153 777 US$4,002,215 427 US$2,201,218 165 US$848,010
Subtotal US$26,048 13728 US$58,605,371 7551 US$32,232,954 2909 US$12,417,613
Healing with outpatient visit US$79 32032 US$2,514,669 17618 US$1,383,068 6787 US$532,821
Total No. of people/Total cost of treatment   45761 US$61,120,040 25168 US$33,616,022 9696 US$12,950,435
Total cost    US$74,470,803   US$71,745,988   US$96,800,267