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Table 6 Coefficients for linear regression model predicting cost-income ratios for Bangalore patients who dissaved

From: What can dissaving tell us about catastrophic costs? Linear and logistic regression analysis of the relationship between patient costs and financial coping strategies adopted by tuberculosis patients in Bangladesh, Tanzania and Bangalore, India

Predictors Mean (se) coefficient values
Intercept 1.263e + 00 (9.024e-01)
Dissaving amount 2.279e-04 (2.176e-05)***
Age 2.025e-04 (1.454e-02)
Female gender 5.483e-01 (4.056e-01)
Hospitalisation 9.420e-01 (4.113e-01)*
Low SES −1.914e-01 (8.065e-01)
Medium SES −1.051e + 00 (8.267e-01)
  1. ‘***’p = 0.001 ‘*’p = 0.05