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Table 1 Indicators for the quantification of research activity and attributed values

From: A method for measuring individual research productivity in hospitals: development and feasibility

Indicator Criteria for point assignment Weighting based on Scaling factor used
Grants - Obtained competitively   €24.000a= 1 point
- Referring to all or part of the year in question
Publications - Listed in ISI Web of knowledge (peer-reviewed) - Position/role of author in the project 1 paper = 1 point* position value* Normalized IF
- Published in the year in question - Normalized journal impact factor
- Abstracts are excluded
PhD students/External collaborators - Financed by research grants not obtained in the framework of competitive programs Time dedicated to supervision activities 1 PhD student, collaborator/year =1 point
- Supervisor during all or part of the year in question
Projects - Not financed with funds from competitive programs   1 project= 0.2 if spontaneous study; 0.1 if commissioned study
- Starting in the year in question
- Principal Investigator
Patent filing - Registration in the year in question   1 patent= 0.1 points
Training in the field of research methodology - Documented attendance in the year in question   1 master= 0.2 points
1 course= 0.1 points
Research proposals Submitted to competitive programs but not awarded funding in the year in question   1 protocol=0.1 points
Member of committee for guideline production Documented participation in the year in question   1 guideline= 0.1 if national; 0.2 if international
Teaching activity on own research Documented in the year in question   teaching activity= 0.2 points
Serving as peer-reviewer (of grants and papers) Documented in the year in question   1 journal/grant= 0.2 points if international; 0.1 points if national
Abstracts, articles, book chapters, etc. - Not peer-reviewed   1 document= 0.2 if available internationally; 0.1 if available nationally; 0.05 if abstract
- Published and retrievable in the year in question
Article submission to peer-reviewed journals - Not accepted for publication in the year in question   1 paper= 0.1 points
- Documented
  1. aLowest award for a standard Italian research grant (Decreto MIUR 9/3/2011 n.102), chosen as scaling factor to allow comparison of this indicator between countries [Wootton]