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Table 1 Characteristics of trusts whose board meetings were observed

From: Interaction between non-executive and executive directors in English National Health Service trust boards: an observational study

Dominant Role Site Characteristics Part 2 observed [Y/N]
Commissioner PCT 1 Inner-city, deprived area, high ethnic minority population N
PCT 2 Rural area serving a large area and population Y
PCT 3 Mixed rural and urban, largely affluent area Y
PCT 4 Inner city, deprived area, high ethnic minority population Y
Provider SGT 1 Large teaching hospital, city setting N
SGT 2 Teaching hospital, mixed urban and rural setting N
FT 1 District general hospital, largely rural population Y
FT 2 District general hospital in small city, mixed urban and rural population Y
  1. PCT primary care trust, SGT self-governing acute trust, FT acute foundation trust