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Table 1 Characteristics of the participants’ primary health facilities, by category

From: Diagnostics barriers and innovations in rural areas: insights from junior medical doctors on the frontlines of rural care in Peru

Category I – 1 I – 2 I – 3
Health facility in the MOH system Health post Health post with physician Health center
Community health promotion Yes. Yes. Yes.
Ambulatory consultation No. Yes. Yes.
Physician No. General (usually serumista). General or family doctor.
Other health professionals Nurse technician and/or nurse and/or midwife. Nurse, midwife and nurse technicians. Nurse, midwife, dentist, laboratory and pharmacy technicians.
Laboratory facilities No. No. Yes.
Diagnostic tools available. None. Pregnancy tests, hemoglobin strips, rapid tests for HIV and syphilis (only for pregnant women). Equipment for sample collection and processing. Equipment and reagents for complete blood count and hematocrit, blood group, basic immunology, pregnancy diagnosis, rapid VDRL (blood test for syphilis), basic microbiology, baciloscopy, and basic biochemistry.
Delivery room No. No. No.