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Table 7 From the Perspective of Primary Care Providers, what would help to increase integration with other systems?

From: Integrating care for individuals with FASD: results from a multi-stakeholder symposium

Develop a FASD Tool Kit for Primary Care
Disseminate the Tool Kit using Knowledge-to-Action principals to ensure uptake. (Tool Kit for: diagnosis, referrals, treatment and behavioural management). Also, develop a primary care FASD APP based on the FASD Tool Kit.
Develop/Implement an Expert hotline
(e.g., analogous to UPCON - uniting primary care and oncology)
Patient virtual passport - Integrated Electronic Record System
(Include client’s resources for education support, mental health support, medical experts. It should be accessible to the client and family centred.)
Clear role definition for the members of a person’s care team
(Could we have a template for the key components of a care team - FASD care plan?)
Clients need to be able to identify their primary care home
(E.g.,. people often answer: “I don”t know” when asked who is their primary care provider. Could the system link people to the most appropriate primary care home?
Reports and Assessments need to go to primary care provider
Develop/Add FAQ - pages for parents and primary care providers on the FASD website
Tool kit for parents