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Table 3 Modified Nominal Group Technique

From: Integrating care for individuals with FASD: results from a multi-stakeholder symposium

1. Introduction, presentation to contextualize the issue and the question.
2. The silent phase - Participants seated at tables of 5–8 think and generate individual responses.
3. Item generation phase - Participants at each table present their top five responses.
4. Item clarification - Each table discusses the items on their list and eliminates duplicates.
5. Small group voting and Prioritized List - Each table selects a top 3–10 list which is typed into the Keyboard and displayed on screen to all participants.
6. Large Group Discussion and Consolidated List - All top 3–10 lists generated by the individual tables are displayed onscreen. The facilitator discusses individual responses and works to eliminated duplicate responses and merge similar responses. The result is a non-ranked consolidated consensus list.
7. Large Group Voting and the Multi-Stakeholder Prioritized List – Participants to answer the question: “If we could only address five of these in the next year, which ones are most critical?”