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Table 2 People-based sources of information and types of knowledge mentioned in interviews or observed

From: Evidence based policy making and the ‘art’ of commissioning – how English healthcare commissioners access and use information and academic research in ‘real life’ decision-making: an empirical qualitative study

  Local clinicians Commissioning managers Analysts Patients and the public Freelance consultants
Local relationships
Local history
Experiential knowledgea
How services operate ?    
‘Whole picture view’      
Hospital, primary &/or community data ?  
Data interpretation & what data to trust ?   
Local benchmarking   ?   
Project based experience   ?  
Condition specific expertise     
Software tool operation     
Contracting, procurement, finance & budgets     
Academic research ?     
  1. ? = to some extent
  2. aType of experiential knowledge varied depending on source e.g. commissioning managers knew how to steer information through the system and patients & the public knew how to apply pressure through complaints and media campaigns