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Table 1 Selected diagnoses and medical procedures

From: Has variation in length of stay in acute hospitals decreased? Analysing trends in the variation in LOS between and within Dutch hospitals

Primary diagnosis or medical procedure ICD-9 codea Abbreviation
Femur fracture 820 FEMUR
Cerebrovascular accident 430–434, 436, 437 CVA
Chronic heart failure 428 CHF
Acute Myocardial Infarction plus Unstable Angina 410 + 411.1 AMIplus
Pneumonia 480–486 PNEU
Total hip replacement - HIP
Total knee replacement - KNEE
Partial resection of the colon (colectomy) - RESCOL
Cholecystectomy (bile stones) - CHOL
  1. aThe medical procedures hip replacement, total knee replacement, partial resection of the colon and cholecystectomy were selected using the Dutch classification of procedures