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Table 1 Domains, sub-groups and key items evaluated in the questionnaire

From: Assessment of primary care facilities for cardiovascular disease preparedness in Madhya Pradesh, India

Domain Sub-group Key items evaluated Source of item
Human resource   Two Medical Officers IPHS-PHC & CHC
Laboratory technician IPHS-PHC & CHC
Health Educator IPHS-PHC & CHC
Nutritionist IPHS-CHC (Dietician)
Physiotherapist IPHS-CHC (Rehabilitation worker)
Equipment Equipment for diagnosis of hypertension Sphygmomanometer (Mercury or Aneroid)a IPHS-PHC & CHC,PEN
Equipment for diagnosis of diabetes Glucometerb PEN
Equipment for evaluation of neuropathy Percussion Hammer or Tuning fork IPHS-PHC & CHC,PEN (Only tuning fork)
Equipment for assessment of abdominal obesity Measuring tape PEN
Equipment to measure body mass index (BMI) Stadiometer and weight machine IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN (Only weight machine)
Equipment to evaluate cardiac complication ECG machinea IPHS-CHC, PEN
Point-of-care testing supplies   Glucose testing strips PEN
Lancets/needle for finger-prick PEN
Urinary strip for Ketonesb PEN
Urinary strip for Proteinsba PEN
Laboratory service   Plasma Glucose estimationb PEN
Serum creatinineba IPHS-CHC, PEN
Serum lipid profile IPHS-CHC, PEN
HbA1C estimation None
Drugs Drug useful for long term management of Hypertension and Lipid lowering drugsa ACEI/ARB (Enalapril, Ramipril, Losartan etc.) IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Beta blocker (Atenolol) IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
CCB (Amlodepine) IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Diuretic (Thiazide) IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Lipid lowering (Atorvastatin) IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Drug useful for long term management of Diabetes MellitusLb Metformin IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Glibenclamide IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Glimepiride IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Pioglitazone IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Insulin (any) IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Drugs used in management of chronic disease emergencies and Dexamethasone, which is frequently misused Aspirin low dose IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Nitrate (Sorbitrate) IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Nifedepine IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Frusemide IPHS-PHC & CHC, PEN
Dexamethasone IPHS-PHC & CHC
  1. aThese facilities are key for primary care management of hypertension
  2. bThese facilities are key for primary care management of diabetes mellitus
  3. IPHS Indian Public Health Standards (for PHC (Primary health centers 2012) or CHC (Community health centers 2012)), PEN Package of essential non-communicable disease interventions for primary care