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Table 3 System change goals identified as ‘important’ or ‘very important’

From: Program manager perspectives on the service system to meet the needs of youth with concurrent disorders: findings from a Canadian national survey

System enhancement goal Highly endorsed
  n %
Enhancing engagement in services 138b 82.63
Improving access to services 130b 77.84
Screening for both mental health and substance use 126c 75.90
Enhancing continuing engagement in services 136b 81.43
Ensuring continuum of services across severity levels 139c 83.74
Enhancing coordination across organizations 142c 85.54
Enhancing coordination across service sectors 139d 84.24
Capacity building / education on concurrent disorders 139 82.24
Implementing existing evidence-based interventions 124a 73.81
Developing new intervention approaches 100c 60.24
Evaluating interventions and which work best for specific youth and families 123a 73.21
  1. Responses represent ratings of 6 or 7 on a 7-point scale with anchors “Not important” (1) to Very important (7). 169 respondents completed this question; for specific items, superscripts indicate a168, b167 c166 and d165 responses