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Table 3 Facilitators to implementing the action plan in Morocco

From: Analyzing barriers and facilitators to the implementation of an action plan to strengthen the midwifery professional role: a Moroccan case study

  Mega codes Sub-codes Themes Illustrative quotations
Socio-cultural System Values Values of the society Primacy of human beings value and respect for human rights “…a facilitator is that the Moroccan society has changed its thinking over the past 10 years, it is more aware of everything that concerns rights and duties, it is aware of everything related to gender… for example concerning the women’s rights”
Methods External policies and incentives National and international policies to strengthen midwifery and to reduce maternal death “The action plan [the ongoing activities] stems from the national strategy, which facilitates a lot”
Actors Attributes/Capacities Strategic leadership to strengthen midwifery and to reduce maternal mortality I think as regards to the support, the implementation is being taken seriously into consideration, at the strategic level, at the intermediate level and operational level. For the strategic level, this means at the Ministry of Health … this function can be attributed to the head of the training division who holds key position
Target Ministry of Health and international agencies’ goals Prioritizing maternal health in Morocco “I see that Morocco wants at all costs to follow the global directives… of the millennium goals”)
Patient needs and resources Multidimensional demands for high quality services for the sake of women’s well-being There is one environmental factor, it is the people, recipients who have become much more demanding and assertive towards the Ministry of Health, it is a facilitator because it incites the government, the Ministry to be vigilant and to move towards achieving what was stated in the national strategy regarding the reduction of maternal mortality”
Educational System Values N/A   
Methods Readiness for implementation/Available resources Intensified training support for midwifery teachers She passed by groups to …, to adjust a vision or approach, and to provide guidance for going further in the process
Actors N/A   
Targets N/A   
  1. N/A not applicable to data