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Table 1 Service outputs and quality weights used to determine performance-based financing payments

From: The effect of performance-based financing on illness, care-seeking and treatment among children: an impact evaluation in Rwanda

Service Outputs – payment per unit Payment Quality of services Weight
Visit and Outreach (USD) Curative care 0.170
 Facility delivery 4.59 Delivery 0.130
 1st time family planning visits (new users) 1.83 Prenatal care 0.126
 Completed childhood vaccines on time 0.92 Family planning 0.114
 four completed ANC visits 0.37 HIV services 0.090
 One-month contraceptive resupply 0.18 Immunizations 0.070
 Curative care visits 0.18 Pharmacy management 0.060
 Child (0–59 months) growth monitoring visits 0.18 Growth monitoring 0.052
 1st prenatal care visits 0.09 General administration 0.052
Content of Care   Financial management 0.050
 Emergency transfers to hospitals for obstetric care 4.59 Lab services 0.030
 At-risk pregnancies referred to hospital for delivery 1.83 TB services 0.028
 Malnourished children referred for treatment 1.83 Cleanliness 0.028
 Other emergency referrals during curative treatment 1.83   
 Appropriate tetanus vaccine during ANC 0.46   
 2nd dose of malaria prophylaxis during ANC 0.46