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Table 3 Initial Hypotheses Regarding Lean and Leadership

From: Lean and leadership practices: development of an initial realist program theory

Lean, as implemented within Saskatchewan, changes leadership practices by:
1. Aligning the aims and objectives of health regions across the province;
2. Authorizing attention and resources to quality improvement and change management;
3. Providing an integrated set of tools for particular tasks;
4. Changing leaders’ attitudes or beliefs about appropriate leadership and management styles and behaviours, through the enculturation inherent in Lean leadership training;
5. Demanding increased levels of expertise, accountability and commitment from leaders;
6. Measuring and using data effectively to identify actual and relevant local problems and the root causes of problems, rather than making assumptions;
7. Creating or supporting a ‘learning organization’ culture in which mistakes are opportunities for learning; consistent implementation of no-blame approaches to mistakes and errors.